Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aerie Has Best Bra Sale Ev-ah!

Aerie fans, rejoice! The super cute bra and undies store has kicked off what they consider the BEST BRA SALE EV-AH! Shoppers can purchase every single bra that Aerie offers for just $20! If you're unfamiliar, that's more than 50% in savings in many styles.

Adore the company's newest bra styles, Lindsey and Lexi?! There's no better time to check out these super cute designs, as pictured below. New and old, A to DD, every bra is just twenty smackaroos no matter what!

The icing on the cake to this promotion (which in fact might really be the best bra sale ever) is that there are free shipping -- and returns -- on each order. I love when brands have promotions that don't slam you with shipping costs right as you're happily checking out with what you thought to be some awesome deals. Nope, no hidden costs here. Just $20 bras!

So check out the Aerie bra sale right now and enjoy these awesome perks while they last! (No pun intended, of course).

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Luxe For Less: Studded Ankle Strap Heels

A pair of statement heels is a must have, and there's nothing I love more than a sleek black silhouette and gold accents! Naturally, when I stumbled upon the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Pump, I loved it. It was an edgy heel that channeled some of the popular trends out there right now like ankle straps and pointed heels. However, I do always love a good deal, so when I found some awesome lookalikes I squealed with excitement! (Is it bad that I'm being serious?)

Check out the newest edition of Luxe for Less below!

I personally love the Lulu*s versions better! The "gold" accents pop more than in the Valentino versions, and I think the Vegan nubuck suede actually looks a bit sharper than the designer leather versions.

Which pair of studded t-strap pointed heels do you like better?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Budding Business: BellesandBowtique

Due to my love of supporting small businesses and shopping independent endeavors, I've decided to start a new blog series: Budding Business. I will continuously feature great independent businesses that have great products and awesome potential!

For anyone in the teen or twenty something Twitter world, an "anon" is perfectly common. These anonymous accounts are themed around various things, from being single in your twenties, to being preppy and proud, to being bratty and spoiled. One of the more popular anon accounts, @belles_and_bows, isn't really anon at all. Britnee runs the popular Twitter account, and now she has channeled her creative talents -- and massive popularity -- into an Etsy business.

Aptly named BellesandBowtique, Britnee has created a cute little offering of handmade products. My favorite are her pocket tees. These pocket tees can either be ordered with individual patterns or with your personalized initial added as well!

Ranging from $18 for the basic tee to $20 for the personalized option, BellesandBowtique has these tees affordably priced, and they are too cute for words! Visit the BellesandBowtique Etsy shop here.

Would you rock a personalized pocket tee? I totally would! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Luxe for Less: Birkin on a Budget

The Birkin by Hermes has become an iconic bag of fame and fortune recently, and its popularity doesn't seem to be wavering. Originally turning heads because of paparazzi photos of celebs toting these luxe totes, the Birkin has now become a staple on everyday fashionistas' list of droolworthy must haves.

The Pink Ostrich tote is probably one of Hermes' most outlandish Birkin designs; its vibrant hue and unique texture make it stand out among all the other handbags in every room. Yet something is so classy and chic about this Birkin that despite its trendiness in pop culture, it is a bag that could be carried for seasons to come.

Some of Hollywood's most famous celebs, like Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan, have been pictured carrying this daring bag. Naturally, that means it instantly became highly envied by the masses.


Searching for the shape and style of a Birkin on an average budget? House of Maxi has a stellar lookalike! For just $99.95, you can score their Hot Pink Ostrich Tote and add this attention grabbing bag to your wardrobe!

I like the gold accents of the House of Maxi lookalike more, even though the ostrich detailing is way more upscale and authentic looking on the Birkin. For a bag that costs thousands of dollars, that is to be expected. However, for those of us unwilling (or unable) to dish out some serious dough on a purse, this Birkin lookalike may be as good as it gets.

How do you feel about the iconic Birkin bag? Do you envy it unabashedly, or do you not see what all the fuss is about? Let me know!

- A

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Last Night Dresses: My Favorite Picks

I absolutely love dresses! You can't go wrong with them -- whether it's a dress for the day, the night, or the beach, there is always the perfect dress for every occasion! Today I just stumbled upon Last Night, a great little online shop that has on-trend dresses "for every night to remember." Sounds like a brand that's right up my alley.

Last Night was actually founded by a west coast blogger, Stephanie Liu, who wanted to create a brand that embodied fun-loving women and wild memories! I absolutely love their current styles, and I have included some of my favorite dresses from Last Night below:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

I encourage you to check out Last Night's website, and check out all the awesome dresses that they have to offer! You can also follow Last Night on Twitter here.

- A

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Search for the Perfect Ankle Strap Heels

Alright so far the LONGEST time now (I mean, I'm talking all summer), I have been on the search to find the perfect ankle strap heels with no luck. I found a great pair of gold (tone) and black ankle strap heels from Target earlier this summer, but they are not sold online and were sold out within a 50 mile radius of my city. (Yes, I was willing to drive that far.)

Since then, I have been on the prowl for the perfect pair of versatile ankle strap heels to wear with boyfriend jeans and cocktail dresses. I see so many options online of course, but in the stores I have not been able to find that Cinderella fit I'm looking for. Naturally, since I haven't found a pair I've liked in person, I'm hesitant to purchase a pair online. Especially because the width can vary in shoes and with nearly your whole foot exposed in ankle strap pumps, you definitely don't want your foot hanging over and looking sloppy and unsightly.

I've considered options from Steve Madden to Payless, so I'm definitely open to the ideal heel to meet my needs of both fashion and function.

The latest option I've considered Anne Michelle black ankle strap sandals from LuLus. They are simple and sleek, and the are a bargain at $26 (with free shipping!) so I wouldn't mind taking a risk and ordering online. And measuring in at a 4" heel height, I consider it the sweet spot for tolerable pumps.

But since I've already waited this long to purchase, I figure I might enlist the help of other style-conscious shoppers! Have you found a pair of ankle strap heels that you love? If so, who designs them? This girl right here needs some shopping guidance.
- A