Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Search for the Perfect Ankle Strap Heels

Alright so far the LONGEST time now (I mean, I'm talking all summer), I have been on the search to find the perfect ankle strap heels with no luck. I found a great pair of gold (tone) and black ankle strap heels from Target earlier this summer, but they are not sold online and were sold out within a 50 mile radius of my city. (Yes, I was willing to drive that far.)

Since then, I have been on the prowl for the perfect pair of versatile ankle strap heels to wear with boyfriend jeans and cocktail dresses. I see so many options online of course, but in the stores I have not been able to find that Cinderella fit I'm looking for. Naturally, since I haven't found a pair I've liked in person, I'm hesitant to purchase a pair online. Especially because the width can vary in shoes and with nearly your whole foot exposed in ankle strap pumps, you definitely don't want your foot hanging over and looking sloppy and unsightly.

I've considered options from Steve Madden to Payless, so I'm definitely open to the ideal heel to meet my needs of both fashion and function.

The latest option I've considered Anne Michelle black ankle strap sandals from LuLus. They are simple and sleek, and the are a bargain at $26 (with free shipping!) so I wouldn't mind taking a risk and ordering online. And measuring in at a 4" heel height, I consider it the sweet spot for tolerable pumps.

But since I've already waited this long to purchase, I figure I might enlist the help of other style-conscious shoppers! Have you found a pair of ankle strap heels that you love? If so, who designs them? This girl right here needs some shopping guidance.
- A

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