Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shoe Envy: Dolce Vita Gwen Heels

While doing my typical "window shopping" on the Free People website, I came across the cute shoes that I am now eyeing. The Dolce Vita Gwen Heels are strappy sandals that are constructed of leather. In true Dolce Vita (and Free People) fashion, I'm sure this is a quality pair of shoes that is perfect for the summer months. These heels can be dressed up or down, and at just over 4 inches high, you don't have to rule out walking down city streets in these or going out dancing all night.

Priced at $169, these Dolce Vita Gwen Heels are ready to fly off store shelves. With reasonable pricing for a designer pair of shoes, these heels capitalize of this season's trends while still  maintaining the touch of unconditional class due to its quality black leather and thick heel.

So there you have it: I'm currently envying the Dolce Vita Gwen Heels. If you would like to purchase it, go here now before your size runs out of stock. These shoes are going fast!

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